Short stories make some of the best films. IMHO.

I watched Minority Report starring Tom Cruise last night and loved the line –

When you dig up the past you get dirty…

Now this particular film was taken from a short story, of the same name, by Philip K. Dick, a much respected sci-fi writer.

Who? Never heard of him.

Philip K. Dick (please don’t laugh at his name) – famous for writing another short story called ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’

What? Never heard of it.

*Sigh*. Ok. Maybe you’ve heard of this then –

Blade Runner

Same story, just different media and title.

And how about  –

The Shawshank Redemption

Again, based on a short story, but by Stephen King.

Bloody long film though.

True. Did very poorly in the box-office but got seven oscar nominations and now considered one of the top 100 Best Ever films.

So, although I’m putting the majority of my writing time into my novel (these blogs take me less time than my daily personal hygiene routine – I’m sure you can tell), I also keep pumping out my short stories. Based on the evidence one of those could make me rich! – After my death of course 😦

So in the best tradition of short stories I’m going to make this a short blog in the vain hope it might be made into a block-buster movie…

Working title – ‘What the hell is he on?’


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