I critiqued a story by a peer yesterday and despite it being full of gore, violence and disturbing imagery it not only entertained but left me a bit warm and fuzzy.

You weirdo.

NO! Well maybe…

It wasn’t even about zombies per se. It featured a psycho ripping out the throats of people  in a bar. You can see the allusions though right?

So what was the feel good factor? I think it came from the comfort of the familiar and predictable. I knew  who was going to die and how. I knew the protagonist was going to get his head blown off or a broken pool cue through the eye. Although it was all described in a perfectly horrible way and made me go Eeuugghh… It was safe.

Carl, you really should seek help.

Wait. This does make a strange kind of sense.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” ― H.P. Lovecraft

Say what you like about zombies but (generally) they’re very predictable. They will try to eat you. They wont stop. They will turn up unexpectedly. In short, they’re known  and therefore not that scary.

At the risk of sounding incredibly misogynistic. No, there’s no risk. This IS incredibly misogynistic.

Give me a zombie over a pre-menstrual woman any day.

I’m running for cover now. I’m scared.

zombie heart

4 thoughts on “Zombies cheer me up…

  1. LOL – yeah spykeyone, I’m afraid you SHOULD be more scared of a premenstural woman over zombies. At least with a zombie, you know you’ll be killed – with us, when its a slow undetermined time before we go in for the kill.

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  2. 🙂 biggest grin…I like zombies…I think I’m better prepared for a zombie apocalypse, because I know everything about zombies 😉 and know exactly what I’d do if they should take over lol. I like the predictable…I like gore and horrors because, like you say, they’re predictable! As for pre-menstrual women…we’re predictable too…every month we will display the same erratic, murderous rage 😉

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