No. Not to the police. To the world in general.

Lively discussion last night stroke yesterday morning/afternoon. (it’s a global group and there are several time-zones and levels of intoxication/caffeine addiction …)

Anyhoos, the chat was regarding tattoos and piercings and fondness for or hate of.

How many?


What of?

Why on earth? Etc. etc.

All good fun and very polite (mostly) – Tricky topic though. What’s the appropriate response when someone reveals something that you think is absolutely awful/shocking?

Do you wait for them to say they wish they hadn’t done it or that the artist or themselves was less drunk/more skilled? – and then jump in with –

OMG – Now I know why you wear a onesie all the time!

What if you absolutely love their body-art but are incredibly jealous and secretly ashamed of your own?

That’s really, really nice … OR … Not bad. Edges could be sharper though …(Grrrr)

I think in the modern world we need an etiquette guide for this sort of thing.

How about –

TATTfully Speaking.


ThINK before you speak?

What would you say to this chap?


I have no idea. Suggestions (and pictures!) welcome …


3 thoughts on “Making a statement …

    1. ^that’s what I’d say to the chappie with the rather large spider on his mugg lol. I think the worst one I’ve ever seen (face wise) was a gang insignia that was miss spelt lol…what was hilarious was the 3rd and 4th letters were round the wrong way….but they carried on tattooing for another 6 letters lol!


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