I’m not a happy bunny.

My laptop, which has served me failthfully for quite a while, is now over-heating constantly and shutting down without warning. (It’s resting on ice packs right now …)


If it dies completely then I will be devastated. Unable to write, blog or even surf. Except via my phone which quite frankly is not much better than the PC.

I’ve built a stand-by Linux box but that keeps freezing too. šŸ˜¦

Could you survive without your tech now?

Well, obviously you won’t die in your sleep just because your iPad will not switch on, but would your quality of life be noticeably poorer?

Or would you just grab a book? Maybe use pen and paper and buy a stamp to message your friends? Or maybe, just maybe, go for a walk and buy something from a bricks and mortar shop rather than choosing a delivery slot?

Pfffttt – don’t like it.

I think there may be an old Windows 95 laptop lurking under the bed somewhere. If push comes to shove I’ll go looking for it and with luck the bed will fall on my head and my problems will be solved.


Much less painful than waiting for Win 95 to load….


One thought on “The terror, the unimaginable terror!

  1. Every time I see that picture I laugh…..you didn’t point out that I took that photo of you after hearing your ‘help me’ cries from the bedroom and after finally realising you were serious, I came in and saw the scene..then came back to the living room for my phone, so I could take a photo of you before lifting the bed off you hahaha! šŸ˜€


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