I was asked yesterday where my blog topics come from (No, it wasn’t my psychiatrist).

My answer was that I really have no idea. I just get up in the morning, have a smoke and a coffee then rest my hands on the keyboard and out it comes. (The piece!) πŸ˜‰

So, here is an example of how my mind works …

The rain here (London, UK) has been torrential the past two days and the snails in our garden are out in force. I made a video yesterday and got a trans-atlantic snail race going with bets flying electronically across the ocean. This morning I saw the O2 (mobile phone company) ad for ‘Be more dog’.

So there you go – ‘Be more snail …’

Ok. But why should I be more snail?

Excellent question! I always research my pieces and found the following reasons …

  1. Snails are cool – Google ‘Brian’ and ‘Magic Roundabout’ for more info.
  2. Most ground snails are peaceful veggies (well, not exactly all), but the marine species can be top predators of the sea. They are armed with a harpoon like weapon (named toxoglossan radula, snails modified “tongue”) injecting a deadly venom into their victims.
  3. Garden snails have up to 14,175 teeth! They are all located on their tongue (radula).
  4. Snail slime is used in some beauty products!
  5. They’re a valuable food source for birds AND humans!
  6. You can customise them (see featured image)

So there you go. 6 reasons why you should be more snail. There are many, many more but I’m making myself a bit nauseous now …

Here’s one of our snails. He’s called McCloud …



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