Don’t worry. This is going to be interesting and funny. Not morbid and depressing.

Know the expression ‘Kick the bucket’? – there are loads of potential theories for where this expression come from – see here for a list.

I have a new proposal –

Kick the safe

This phrase has a clear explanation – Almost everyone has heard of Jack Daniel right? Well, Jack got frustrated one day and kicked the safe in his office. Then he got gangrene in his foot and died from it. There you go – He kicked the safe! Simple …

Beaten to death

Most people are under the mistaken impression that Harry Houdini drowned performing his most famous stunt – escaping from a nailed packing container, suspended in water whilst manacled. No – he died for a completely different reason. He was famous for being able to withstand punches to the abdomen. That’s true, he could, but he needed to prepare himself first. A student once struck him several times without allowing him the time to do so. He died on stage that night from a ruptured appendix. Bloody hell!

Death is in the eye of the beholder

Tennessee Williams needed to use eyedrops. One day he held the cap for the medicine in his mouth before applying the medicine. He sucked it in and choked to death. A warning to us all. Drugs kill!

Hen-pecked to death

Sir Francis Bacon tried to prove to Queen Elizabeth I that a chicken could be preserved by packing it with ice. He caught a cold standing in the snow trying it and died. Shame, because technically he was right!

Hope you enjoyed those few little known facts. Question for you …

When you die … How are YOU going to make it interesting?


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