We Are The Phoenix Quill – Why You Should Join

I’m a member (although some wish I wasn’t). There is no better group on Facebook!

The Phoenix Quill


We are The Phoenix Quill.

Why should you care? Because we’re a group of writers just like you.

Imagine a room full of writers, some new, some seasoned, some published, some fumbling around in the dark clutching for a morsel of insight into the big scary world that is publishing. Picture, if you will, the room is dim, glasses clinking. Someone tells a joke in the left hand corner, and the room erupts into boisterous laughter. Later someone sniffs into a half empty glass of watered down whisky, lamenting over his latest rejection. The room goes silent for a moment and an arm reaches out to clasp his shoulder.

“I’ve been there, bro.”

You might ask how an online group can feel like a room full of folks chuckling, debating, encouraging. There is a spark in The Phoenix Quill. A light that burns so bright it draws us like…

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