Literature (and films) are filled with stories of heroes overcoming adversity, finding the strength and resources to overcome fearsome challenges.

A lot of the predicaments are extreme – Saw for example. The two main characters are forced to choose between certain death or cutting through their leg to escape.

Even happened in real life. (And they made a film of it) – remember Aron Ralston?


He had to cut his own arm off to escape after a hiking accident in Utah in 2003 when a falling boulder trapped his arm against a canyon wall. He got a book (Between a Rock and a Hard Place) AND a film (127 Hours) out of that. Plus a lucrative pen-knife sponsorship … (Ok. I made that last bit up)

So. In my quest to gain fame and fortune through writing I have come up with my own idea –

A man is alone in his flat. He wakes up in the white-tiled bathroom sitting on the toilet and his right-arm is hand-cuffed to the radiator. In confusion he screams and voids his bowels. There is no-one to hear his cries for help. Then he screams again in sheer, bloody terror. The toilet roll holder is empty ..

Scary huh? – I’m going to be a very, very rich man …

All based on real events of course … 😉



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