I love different expressions of surprise/shock or dismay. They show great diversity of language and also how easily phrases can ‘jump’ from one culture to another.

The classic

Ay, Carumba!

is a brilliant example. Although made famous by Bart Simpson, it’s not made up. It’s actually Spanish so therefore spoken all over the world. So you can speak some Spanish even if you don’t know so!

Oy vey

Jewish/Yiddish for ‘Oh woe’ or ‘Woe is me’ but actually of Germanic origin – Wow! ..


Modern phrase? You’d think so but no. First appeared in the 1500’s and can be attributed to the Scots! See the link for the full info. WTF?


Whether you love or hate this one the origin may surprise you. Back in ancient times, (Early 90’s) and we didn’t have the internet or smart phones, this acronym was used by caterers to communicate via their pagers – Where’s The Food? – True. Believe it or not…

Overheating laptop means I’ll have to keep this short but I’ll leave you with one more …

Bloody Hell!

There’s LOADS of explanations for this one but I can’t be bloody bothered to list them all here.

I’ll tell you one bloody thing though. The bloody Australians nicked it from us …

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