It’s one of those mornings – absolutely nothing interesting to write about.

Can’t even tell you what I had for dinner last night. It was nice but live monkey brains are so passé these days …

I can’t comment on what I watched on TV last night. It was live and the moment has passed …

What are you wearing?

Pfffttt … I expect a higher class of reader.

Current affairs? – Good grief no. Way too depressing. It’s all guns, jihadis, transport-related deaths and random diseases.

Great Literature? – Haven’t finished writing it yet. 😦

Ooh! Some news – this blog was linked back to by the Dead Homers Society site. Yay!

The cats are looking at me very suspiciously. Bags are packed and a month’s worth of dry food was delivered last night. They suspect something might be up. And they’re right. Fortunately their internet privileges have been revoked due to misbehaviour and they can’t read this.

I have an increasing selection of Reese Peanut Butter Cups to choose from –


Isn’t it better to say nothing if you have nothing good to say?

I’ve heard that’s true but the rest of FaceBook don’t follow that rule so why should I?

Maybe something will come to me later and it’ll be one of those “two post” days …

I wouldn’t hold your breath though … 😉

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