Not a girl (or a Doctor) but I like her style …


Seriously, you guys. You can NOT BELIEVE WHAT I GO THROUGH. Or what every girl – and doctor – goes through.

Now, I love routine. I don’t know why clockwork appeals to me. (Maybe that’s why A Clockwork Orange appealed to me? I don’t know.) I like my morning jog. I can’t live without my morning tea. Can you imagine how annoying it gets when your Mum locks you in and says, “No jogging today. You’re already way too skinny!” at the top of her lungs at five in the morning?


Yep. Today started on a sour note.

Can’t blame my poor Mum really. I am a certified nutter on the loose. Speaking of nutters and nutterbutters, I have one question: Why do we hit the self-destruct button all the time?

I’ve seen it everywhere. People always do that. Making compromises. Making hard choices. It all boils down to one…

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