Where the Blade Meets the Stone

I actually know these people. I even like a couple of them.

All This Madness

I wanted to share something that I’ve been a part of during the past several weeks.

Crimson Edge (CE) is launching a podcast for fantasy writers. Our pilot episode is going out in a few weeks, and our first season starts in November. We’ve just launched our pitch video on YouTube ( and as you’ll see, the podcast will be featuring a few of the fine writers from The Phoenix Quill online writing group.

There’ll be a lot of fun episodes on writing and writing-related things coming up, but they’ll only be available to Patreon subscribers ( We also plan to host subscription-free author interviews on the Writer’s Edge YouTube page.

Please have a look at the pitch video and laugh with (at) us. Leave a comment on the video if you like and shoot us a little love by subscribing and sharing where you can.

Cheers, all!

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The day before THE DAY …

So tomorrow is it. 1st October.

In the UK we have a campaign called Stoptober. It’s an initiative created by the National Health Service to provide information, encouragement and support for people to stop smoking. Basically the premise is that if you can stop smoking for 28 days during the month then you will be five times more likely to quit for good.

So this year we (my partner and I) are going for it.


Giving up the fags.

Embracing a new, healthier and richer lifestyle.

Great! How do you feel about that?

Absolutely terrified.

Now, I’m no stranger to giving stuff up. I shan’t name them but let’s just say a lot of them aren’t considered to be a walk in the the park.

So giving up smoking tobacco should be easy!

Yeah. Right. Easy.

In many ways, yes, it will be. 90% of the battle is just making the decision. Once that’s done you just have to remember that your mind and body will try to trick you.

This is the worst you’ve ever felt. You must be dying.

Just one more. For old times sake. THEN give up. It’ll be easier.

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Hey, but I don’t like it when ANYONE lies to me.

So sod off me. I’m not taking it.

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Not a clue …

Not a clue what to write today.

I’m not that often without something to say. A lot of people would probably say that’s a shame. 😉

But everyone has their limits. I quite often wish other people would keep their mouths shut too. Mainly because it can be either nonsense or unnecessary.

But communication is vital. Let’s all be grateful telepathy isn’t common yet. The amount of rubbish that flits through my mind a million times a second even I don’t want to hear.

I do try to make my writing thoughtful, or thought provoking, or educational or at the very least humorous.


Not a clue …

So I’ll shut up.

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OMG – What a moron.

This is not a blog topic I want to dwell on, and this will be it, but just woke up and found another email from momo akosuo ( in my inbox this morning.

Not only is he still trying to convince me to send my bank details etc. so he can ‘share’ my $6.5 millions dollar inheritance with me but he has provided me with an ID card to prove his identity –

Momo Paul.

Well I’m sold!

A gmail email address! – All the banks use those. Must be genuine.

A bank manager wanting to extort half a clients inheritance. Standard Operating Procedure! Everyone knows that.

And look at their Head Office!


Impressive eh?

No need to blog or write any more. I’m a millionaire!

Please be happy for me. (But don’t ask me for money)

I spent it all this morning on lottery scratch cards …

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Am I the right person to email?

Entirely up to you, but I’m drawing a line. Enough is enough. If you would like to email this guy, I would love it. Also, I’m not joking with what I’ve said to him … Please reblog?

Ok Mr Momo Akosuo ( – Thank you for the personal, badly spelt, email informing me that some of my family members have died tragically in a car accident and you are now in possession of my inheritance that you will generously give me 50% of and keep 50% yourself. Also, thank you for providing me with your email, address and phone numbers. I’m booking a ticket to the Congo now and when I get there we’re going to have a very similar conversation to this…

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Oh man, It’s Sunday

Sunday’s. Not that keen. They don’t rock my boat. Bit flat. Listless. Boring. Really awful films on TV. Pressure to eat a nice meal. Pfffttt.

Pfffttt. Using that too much. ‘Pfffttt’ that is.

Had a discussion yesterday. I’ve noticed that I’ve used words and concepts, written posts, that use a lot of terms like God, the Devil, Heaven, Hell etc. a lot over the past few months. I questioned myself and asked for a third party opinion.

Do you think religion has snuck up on me?

Possibly. You do talk about it a lot.

Does that mean I’m becoming religious?

Probably not. You always say you’re not and why. But you do have a moral side (occasionally) and language doesn’t always leave too much room for expressing that without the obvious allusions.

It’s a pain. I try to be ‘nice’ (not always, but sometimes) and go around in circles. What’s up with that?

Maybe nothing. You can only play with the cards you’re dealt.

True. Unless you cheat. But that goes against my personal code. If I can’t win honestly then I’d rather not play the game.

A fellow writer asked a question on the Devil’s invention – Facebook – the other day. “I need a moral code for my fantasy characters. Any suggestions?” (And yes. I do know I just did it again)

I didn’t comment but the thought that went through my head was – How about the ten commandments? They don’t suck. They actually make a lot of sense. Does that make me a Christian or just nice?

I’m going with nice. Christianity sucks (Just my opinion. Don’t get offended. I feel the same about ALL organised religions)

I don’t have any issues with nice. Or respect. Or helping each other. I do have issues with law and order, people with their heads stuck up their bottoms etc. But nice? I can live with that.

Well there I go. I guess. I’m not religious. I’m just nice.

Well probably not. But I do try.



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