Just got off the phone with my Mum and I stupidly said –

Hey! Why don’t you give me a topic for today’s blog?

She’s a big fan … 🙂

Ok love – How about growing up in the 70’s?

Peter Griffin facepalm

OK Mum, anything for you. No problem …


I was born in 1968. So the Seventies were a very influential time for me. Decent education, loads less paedophiles and serial killers (at least that we knew about) and the benefits of Punk and the nascent New Romantic scene! All good … (for a pre-pubescent male child anyway)

Sex Pistols Boy George

What do I remember most about growing up in the 70’s?

Asking my mum to sew zips into my flared jeans then having my bike nicked by the ‘tough’ kids because I looked ‘Gay’ …

Pfffttt …

Later in life I look back and can be thankful for many things but one of my faves is this …


For those not from the UK or born after 1985 … This is a Prawn Cocktail. 🙂

You should be so lucky. lucky, lucky …


You have to pay serious money to get anything near this quality these days …


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