Last night I was watching a new program called Educating Cardiff. It’s a real life documentary where secret cameras are placed around a secondary school in Wales and the pupils and teachers give us insights into modern world education in the UK.


It’s brilliant. The teachers are inspiring and have genuine concern for their charges. The kids (for the most part) are bright, funny and anxious to achieve. The ‘trouble-makers’ are given hard choices and punishment but also lots of encouragement to succeed. Some are obviously beyond help but we also learn why that may be. *Hint: It’s usually the parents.*

One thing did upset me though. The Head Teacher expressed a very firm opinion about the necessity to conform.

Conformity – compliance with standards, rules, or laws.

All well and good, BUT…

I’m a conformist to a certain extent (I obey almost 50% of laws anyway …). But I’m also a bit of a rebel. I’ll sometimes use a comma instead of a full-stop for example. Bit of a rebel without a clause …


But I hope at least some of these kids retain a bit of ‘punk’ attitude. Otherwise laws will never change, fashion will stay the same. No great books or music will be written.

I may well die of boredom.


Fight with me readers. Do something daring today. Don’t let conformity drag you down.

You may well stay out of trouble, but you won’t get invited to any of my dinner parties …


7 thoughts on “Conform? Go screw yourself …

  1. OK, I will give you one. What if there is no such thing as mental illness? Why do we label someone as mentally ill because they view the world differently than others? Also, do these labels give them the opportunity to not consider how their actions affect others? I wonder if we cared for those who can not care for themselves but still allowed them to function as they are, without our judgement, how would that be? There has to be a way of allowing everyone to see the world as they do, yet not harm others in doing so. Which also means people who create wars…perhaps they are the true crazies. Maybe depression, and all that goes with “mental illness” is a process one must go through to move to a place of serenity, of acceptance, even, god forbid, love. Just a thought. BTW, I LOVE your blog. First one I have read in a long time that made me sit up and shout, “Say What!!?” Keep writing and challenging our thinking. hugs, pat

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    1. Aw thanks Pat. I may do that one! I always welcome suggestions (even seek them out). I make it a personal goal to blog each and every day because it helps with my own mental health issues but it can sometimes be difficult finding the muse. I shall try and address that view! 😀

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      1. Normally I post a poem every four hours every day. Each morning I sit quietly, pen and paper at hand. Any image, word or thought that comes, I write down even though it may not seem likely to produce a poem. Then I focus on that and watch what comes. Sometimes it is a complete thought, sometimes only the next word. But I sit until I have at least six poems each day. It takes time to develop this discipline, but I believe that somehow we tap into a creative Source that is bottomless. Once we understand how to tap into this pool of creativity, it can be expressed in many forms, i.e., music, art, cooking, gardening, work, etc. Four years ago, I had never written a poem or read a blog. Today Source of Inspiration has more than 10,000 poems. Where did they come from? Certainly not this tired old brain who did not like poetry, never read it after a painful course in college featuring incomprehensible TS Elliot. Your blog is full of fresh ideas, ways of looking at things, so creative. Whatever you are doing, it is working. hugs, pat

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      2. Thanks again Pat. I like your allusion to a bottomless well. I never actually panic about having nothing to write. Something always comes from somewhere. Half the time I don’t even know where. I almost always do my blogs first thing in the morning, with first couple of coffees and cigarettes (I don’t do breakfast) but I just rest my hands on the keyboard and out it comes. I never plan ahead either, there is no ‘cupboard full of ideas’ that I can open to grab one out at random. I ask for suggestions because I like a challenge – Can I write about anything whatsoever? Turns out I can. 😉 And I’m exceptionally grateful for that. If anything else it gives me a reason to educate myself a bit more, especially if it’s a topic I’ve never thought about or encountered. 10, 000 poems? Bloody hell. I would say give yourself a holiday but writing isn’t work is it? It’s medicine. (For me anyway)

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  2. I can’t argue with that…I agree completely. I also think conformity drains the life out of your soul! It’s one of those dirty little words I detest…along with…conventional and traditional 😉

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