Perhaps I should be asking myself that question. I’m very, very, very lazy. – SEE! I was going to add a fourth ‘very’ there but I couldn’t.

I’m too lazy.

My partner pointed out a advertisement on TV that exemplified this problem in the modern world. In the UK we have a summer drink called Pimms.


You fill a jug with ice then add Pimms, lemonade and sliced cucumber, fruit and garnish with mint. Very refreshing!

But you can be even lazier.

You can now buy pre-packaged sliced fruit especially for making Pimms. You don’t have to slice anything yourself!


Yes. Seriously.

Now I know I’m (as I said) very, very lazy but even I can slice a bloody cucumber. At a push I could even do a strawberry!

Feeling too lazy to go on now. I’ve got some pre-grated cheese to eat.

Might even open the packet myself …


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