I’m always going on about words and their meanings/origins and I’m horribly self-obsessed so I thought I’d digress into names today.

Now, my first name is Carl – With a ‘C’ not a ‘K’. I much prefer it that way. I don’t like Karl as a name. Nothing personal to those who do have that spelling but I just don’t like it, I couldn’t really say why. Maybe it’s because of this guy –

Karl Lagerfeld

Scary huh?

Carl is the anglicised version of Karl, which is Germanic. BUT, Karl is the Germanic version of Charles which comes from France.

Confused? I know I am …

One of my neighbors daughters is called Tyler. Now I know for a fact that they wouldn’t recognise an Aerosmith song if it smacked them in the face. Puzzling.


Their other daughter is called Paris. Again confusing, I’m pretty sure they haven’t been outside South London, let alone the continent … Must be from another role model, now I wonder who that might be?

Paris Hilton

Parents-to-be spend an awful of of time choosing the names for their off-spring. How many bother researching the meanings or origins? Not that many I suspect …

People are lazy too. Who on earth would’ve thought cool star David Duchovny couldn’t be bothered to come up with a more original name …


Calling your kid, Kyd. Seriously?

I wonder what he calls his dog? – Maybe … Just a guess … Dog?


7 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

    1. Cool! My daughters name is Myshka. Her mother and I made it up then later found that it exists in Russian and Polish (probably elsewhere too). In Russian it translates as ‘Little Bear’, Polish as ‘Little Mouse’. Her nickname has always been (and always will be) – Mouse. Are you happy with it? If so, no problem! P.S. I like it. 😀

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      1. My name means Beautiful. My middle name means Reborn. My full maiden name means Beautiful girl reborn from the guarded palace. I hated my name when I was younger until a very nice nurse in the hospital told me that is sounded like the bubbles in her drink that tickled your nose.

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