I made a HUGE mistake last night and paid the price in the full.

Why? What did you do?

I follow a site called Why Evolution Is True and made a ‘throw away’ comment regarding a scientist’s view on why organised religion can be considered a reason for Xenophobia. If you follow the link above you can see the trouble it caused. (Me) – Here is what I said –

Very interesting. I’m very happy to be an atheist (and I think too many people confuse that with agnostic). I believe in life after death, I believe in good and evil. I also believe in virgins. Doesn’t mean I have to blow myself up or string someone up on a cross just because they don’t share the same point of view. I also believe a great many people are idiots. So shoot me. 😉

OMG! – Did I get lambasted or what? I had a series of people go on to tell me I was an idiot and confused and must also believe in fairies etc. I felt like I was Penny in the room with Sheldon.


They took it upon themselves to ‘educate’ me in basic physics, biology, chemistry etc. in order to prove that any belief in any type of existence after death is ridiculous.

So what lesson did I learn from all these extremely educated people?

Don’t light a bonfire. Someone WILL piss on it.

Even if you lit it as a joke ….


10 thoughts on “God, you have to be careful …

  1. A “colorful” friend once described me as “a shit disturber.” I think we can give you that honorable title, too. Thanks for a good laugh. In my doddering old age, I have come to believe in the possibility of almost everything and certainty about nothing. Or is that belief in nothing? I figure if I am loving and do my best to be kind and compassionate, that is enough whether I continue on after this life or not. Works well in this life, and the other is up for grabs. You delight me. hugs, pat

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  2. Sometimes on sites with a lot of like-minded people, you can have trouble just by saying something different, even if you express it in a fairly mild way as a joke. It looks to me as though the most important section of your comment was the bit against religious violence, but nobody seemed to respond to that part.

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    1. That’s exactly what I would have expected! I have nothing against any religion (could care less to be honest) but I must admit my sense of humor is not appreciated (or understood) by everyone. Hey ho. Wasn’t (and never wanted to be) the most popular boy in school. But BY THE LORD GOD CHRIST ALLAH ALMIGHTY – If I ever meet Ben Goren I am going to head-butt him with extreme prejudice. By that I mean I will slam someone else’s face into his. I’m too pretty to risk my own … 😉

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    1. Like that Jasmine. For fuck’s sake we’re all going to die. Immutable truth. Let’s see who’s laughing when they’re proved wrong? Won’t be coming to my dinner party … N.B. NOT a religious belief! Just don’t think ‘The End’ is the end. They didn’t get that. Then again they didn’t 100% prove dark matter exist either …


  3. Have you not learned you’re not allowed to have an opinion?! But seriously, what a bunch of assholes. I am an atheist too, but I like the idea there is Something after death. And that’s our right to believe that, just as it’s other’s right to believe in God etc. No one should tell you otherwise. We don’t know if there is a God, and we don’t know if there is life after death. I’m a big part of the scientific community, and have had many jobs in science, and I’m ashamed to be part of the same community as these people. What ignorant, absent-minded people 😦

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