Having to cheat today and reblog a piece instead of writing a new one I’ve been travelling all day and my brain is fried green tomatoes …


WARNING! – This article may mess with your head!

I’ve been walking to the Post Office to send items, (eBay if you care), quite a few times over recent weeks. I’ve found that these stretches of my legs has released my mind to come up with ideas for my blog. –  Random Pants for example.

I just got back from this morning’s outing and decided I have to put this out there straight away. Now I love alien films. Predator, Alien, Mars Attacks, War of the Worlds, even Independence Day. The theme is the same – extraterrestrials hell bent on conquering or killing as many of us as possible.

Now here is a conundrum. Human beings are (mostly) considered to be the most intelligent species on the planet. It is this intelligence that has enabled us to create many wonderful things, from the wheel to sliced bread to a…

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