No it isn’t

You overwhelm me with ‘knowledge’. Too much information. Too much ‘truth’. My brain is overwhelmed, fried, cluttered. I cannot think straight or discern right from wrong. You truly are the Father of Lies. This ‘knowledge’ is corrupting me. I used to have opinions but now if I express them, hordes of your followers hunt me down to prove that I am ‘wrong’. I do not wish or need to know who is ‘happy’, who is ‘confused’ or ‘sad’ or what they are eating. I do not need to know who is ‘upset’ or ‘angry’. That’s the job of your enemy, his problem, not mine. I cannot sort out everyone’s misfortunes, answer their prayers. Knowledge of their misery only diminishes my own quality of life. I seek knowledge but you have blinded me with fallacy. The information you give me cannot have it’s veracity confirmed. Your electronic pages of ‘facts’ and ‘truths’ are continuously altered or changed. I hate you. I am no longer in touch with reality.

Yes it is.

I revel in the knowledge you give me. I now have power that school or university alone could not have given me. I can diagnose my own illnesses, seek the appropriate treatment. I can discover who said what and when. I am in touch with all the fauna and flora of our beautiful world. I can discover all the countries, cultures and faiths on the planet. I can see the images of other worlds and know of their composition and atmospheres. I know who to be wary of, where not to tread and how to beat them if they threaten me or mine. I can learn the opinions, beliefs and thought of others. You have shown me history and let me predict the future. I now know the rules of the games I play and the tactics of my competitors. You enable me to make the right decisions. I love you. You enrich my life.


5 thoughts on “The Devil’s Advocate’s laptop – Part 2

  1. Friend or enemy…exactly. I love “meeting” people from all over the world, yet too often am trapped inside the computer, my head, and lost in this artificial world. I sit in rooms filled with people staring at their phones, never speaking to each other and feel the isolation that this technology has brought. And that we too willingly embrace. Well said, much needed this piece. hugs, pat

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