Do I disturb you?

I certainly hope so.

Because I’m disturbed – Very disturbed. And I’ll give you some examples of what disturbs me –

Remember this guy?

Barack Obama

Elected as President of the USA on  January 20, 2009. Forgive if I’m wrong but isn’t he BLACK?

Isn’t it 2015?

Deaths by police THIS YEAR are heading towards 1100.

When adjusted to accurately reflect the US population, the totals indicate that black people are being killed by police at more than twice the rate of white and Hispanic or Latino people. Black people killed by police were also significantly more likely to have been unarmed.The Guardian

This disturbs me.

Remember Leah Betts?

leah betts

This British girl died on 16 November 1995. 15 days after her 18th birthday. She took an Ecstasy pill. There was out-roar. The country was up in arms. Calls for tougher drug laws, greater punishment for dealers etc.

Guess how many people died because of ALCOHOL that year?

I can’t find the statistics too easily so I can’t tell you.

It doesn’t really matter. Just two years ago (2013) the estimated number of alcohol related deaths in the UK was 8,416. Alcohol is STILL legal. Where’s the outrage?

This disturbs me.

Last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a statement welcoming immigrants to Germany. Interesting reading. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of immigrants started making their way across Europe towards the new promised land.

Yesterday, Germany started tightening it’s borders.

This disturbs me.

Am I disturbing you yet?

Do you see where I’m going with this? Don’t forget I am officially, 100% diagnosed as mentally ill. Yet I’m not in a position of power.

This disturbs me.

A fellow blogger and poet asked if I would do a blog about who the true “crazies” are …

I have an answer –

We’ve elected most of them.

Now that disturbs me.


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