I don’t think this wasn’t appreciated enough – READ IT!!! 😀


Why haven’t I got a one-liner? It’s very annoying …

No one screams in terror when they ask me who I am and I gruffly utter –

I’m Carl …

Not even if I add a bit of attitude like Bart Simpson…

I’m Carl Baumann, who the hell are you?

If I look someone straight in the eye and assure them that

I’ll be back …

They usually just roll their eyes and say

That’s nice dear. Make sure you close the door on your way out.

Pfffttt …

It’s just not fair. The only things I get to refer to as ‘puny’ are the cats and they don’t take much notice. Good opportunity here for my all-time favourite take on The Hulk’s ‘Puny Humans’ as seen in The Avengers –

I can’t even say I’m a friendly neighborhood anything. Everyone in my ‘neighborhood’ is a thug or criminal and…

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