Writing a Believable POV

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The Phoenix Quill


Writing a Believable POV

Joshua Robertson

In all my life, I have not had the chance to be a centaur, a princess, or a squire to an infamous knight. I have had lots of of opportunities to study myself โ€“ sometimes learning more than I would like to know โ€“ but the human experience has its limits. This means that when I write from a point of view (POV), I have to make a conscious effort to get inside their skin and try to perceive what the world would be like through their eyes. This can sometimes be more difficult than I would like to admit.

Fortunately, I have lots and lots of interactions with a wide variety of different people in my life. I am also an enthusiastic reader, a scholar of history, and have a handful of friends I can call when I need writing advice. Each ofโ€ฆ

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