This post may get me killed.

And do you know what?

I don’t care.

I have an issue with ISIS, IS, whatever they decide to call themselves. The Big Bad Wolf used to be Al Qaeda. There was the Taliban, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran. Europe and the USA live in fear of where the next terrorist strike may be. First it was aircraft, now it’s ‘Lone Wolves’.

This week the internet is trembling with reports of up to ‘4,000’ IS terrorists smuggling themselves in with the immigrants/asylum seekers coming from Syria.

Personally, only MY opinion, I believe they’re doomed to failure. Not because Europe or the USA can or will do anything to stop them. Europe is too divided and the States is under too much internal pressure to be able to risk ‘votes’ losing more servicemen in ‘pointless’ conflicts that do not concern them.

No. Their own aims will ultimately defeat them. They do not have the courage or ability to fulfill their objectives. They want the whole world to bow/convert to Islam. Never going to happen. Didn’t work for the Catholic church, won’t work for them.

And I can give you a one word, very solid, reason why.


One quarter of the worlds population. Secular, a nuclear power.What’s not exposed to water is protected by a wall that can seen from space. Financially, the world’s greatest force. Militarily, the world’s biggest army. And they would have no compunction in enlisting every man, woman and child if threatened. Read this – Religion In China.

Islam is recognised but barely present compared to Buddhism.

Google IS attacks in China. Find anything?

Nothing worth noting.

It’s been said that if the population of China all jumped at the same time the resulting impact would shift the world off it’s axis. I’m yet to see Allah or any of his radical followers do that.

Would you poke a bear with a stick?

No? Why not? Because it will rip your head off your shoulders and drink the blood from your steaming corpse.

Carry on chaps. Good luck with that. πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “This may get me killed …

  1. Well I speak the truth ALWAYS..unlike the ‘bible bashers’…..if they need a hand finding me, my address is: 1 The Land Of An Amazing Life, Free Food & Benefit Street, SOD OFF1 πŸ™‚ Big kisses to all who think the benefits system is easy… will have to become your very own ‘ISIS’ to get a payment!

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  2. Ah well…. yep get why you told me about this blog…..thought you were going to say far worse ie something personal. Doesn’t bother me, let them chase me down and behead me, after all, I’m an ostrich, my head is in the sand and I like to ignore everything but that which concerns me or my family personally, the knife won’t hit the right place in all that sand. Oh and that wall actually DOES go under water too (although the water came later), I watched a documentary, yes me!! πŸ™‚ Religion….the basis of all evil, I will never change that opinion no matter how many ‘door knockers’ try and convince me! If ‘God’ of which ever religion gives us life and says to be kind to one another…then why does it seem that pretty much (not all but very close) religion suggest we should kill others??

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      1. Can’t be arsed…..I don’t like arguments/judgement, I judge myself and that is tough enough to deal with πŸ˜‰ Maybe one day! But the ‘haters’ can hate me here for now hoooray!

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