I did a little bit about God and Heaven yesterday. Now, I’m not religious. Doesn’t mean I disrespect those who do have faith and belief and get reassurance and meaning from it, just not my cup of tea.

I commented that it’s a popular conception that life is a test (perhaps a little irreverently but that’s just me).

Now, a test can also be compared to a competition? I know not all tests are competitions but some definitely are. Some can gain you a prize or reward. Some will just help you prove your own ability to yourself and that’s a good for thing for your self-confidence and encourage you to strive/work harder, be an even ‘better’ person. Success is its own reward as they say.

One of the biggest pleasures in winning or passing something is being able to display your achievement? Your cup, medal or certificate? Look at the elation of teams/individuals when they win the a  trophy. The proud teenager with their school exam results paper (provided they passed of course).

Who gets to know you passed the test of life?

Where’s the list of who passed and who failed pinned on a notice board?

Perhaps all religious writings should come with an appendix?

I’m sure there are lots of theological arguments about why this isn’t so or necessary.

I just think it would be nice. I very rarely win anything.

Except the wooden spoon. 😉


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