I’m in a writing group with a lot of lovely people, a great many of whom write what is loosely termed as ‘Fantasy’.

I only say ‘loosely’ because it’s a very generic term. Vampires, werewolves, elves, dragons and the ilk. Alternate worlds/realities, magic swords, princes and princesses etc etc.

And I thought to myself. Do I really have that much in common with these people?

The answer is yes.

I scanned my DVD and book collections (And comics and graphic novels and, dare I say it, toys) – Lord of the Rings, Blade, Underworld, American Werewolf and, of course, superheroes to name but a few. I could go on and on.


So why? What IS the deal with fantasy?

Definition of fantasy in English:

noun (plural fantasies)

[MASS NOUN] The faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things:

Fair enough. – But what’s the fascination?

At this point in writing this I thought about looking into the psychological reasoning about why people ‘fantasize’ but then I thought –

Do I really care?

The answer has to be, unequivocally, no.

It enriches my life. It expands my mind. Without consideration of the impossible/improbable what would our fiction, film and art be like?

bowl of fruit

I’d rather kick myself in the nuts than live in a world without this guy –


A world without fantasy?

I can’t imagine it …


6 thoughts on “What’s the deal with fantasy?

  1. Have to admit that I like some types of fantasy,i.e., Druids, magic, heroes riding dragons, shape-changing, etc. I can see the possibilities of these being “real” but then, what is real? I have seen things that I believed are impossible, at least, as defined in the culture in which I was raised, so where does that leave me? Frankly, I also like the entertainment value of these tales which seem less graphic when getting rid of the bad guys. There is too much violence in this world for me so these adventure tales that let the battles go on but without me having to get splattered, are fun reading when my mind needs a rest. Nice write, as always. hugs, pat

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