Entirely up to you, but I’m drawing a line. Enough is enough. If you would like to email this guy, I would love it. Also, I’m not joking with what I’ve said to him … Please reblog?

Ok Mr Momo Akosuo (mr.makosuo1@gmail.com) – Thank you for the personal, badly spelt, email informing me that some of my family members have died tragically in a car accident and you are now in possession of my inheritance that you will generously give me 50% of and keep 50% yourself. Also, thank you for providing me with your email, address and phone numbers. I’m booking a ticket to the Congo now and when I get there we’re going to have a very similar conversation to this…


4 thoughts on “Am I the right person to email?

    1. OMG yes. Of course it is. Seen more of them over too many years to even bear thinking about. Nothing new but he’s REALLY managed to upset me. Sometimes enough is enough. Can’t turn a blind eye all the time. That’s how Hitler got into power. And I’ve always wanted to visit the Congo. I will knock on his door and show that you can’t act with impunity just because you’re in a different country. I have a lot of family and friends in Africa and a lot of family history. It’s as much my continent as his. 5 generations and counting. Rant over but the fool told me where he lives. Big mistake.

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