Sunday’s. Not that keen. They don’t rock my boat. Bit flat. Listless. Boring. Really awful films on TV. Pressure to eat a nice meal. Pfffttt.

Pfffttt. Using that too much. ‘Pfffttt’ that is.

Had a discussion yesterday. I’ve noticed that I’ve used words and concepts, written posts, that use a lot of terms like God, the Devil, Heaven, Hell etc. a lot over the past few months. I questioned myself and asked for a third party opinion.

Do you think religion has snuck up on me?

Possibly. You do talk about it a lot.

Does that mean I’m becoming religious?

Probably not. You always say you’re not and why. But you do have a moral side (occasionally) and language doesn’t always leave too much room for expressing that without the obvious allusions.

It’s a pain. I try to be ‘nice’ (not always, but sometimes) and go around in circles. What’s up with that?

Maybe nothing. You can only play with the cards you’re dealt.

True. Unless you cheat. But that goes against my personal code. If I can’t win honestly then I’d rather not play the game.

A fellow writer asked a question on the Devil’s invention – Facebook – the other day. “I need a moral code for my fantasy characters. Any suggestions?” (And yes. I do know I just did it again)

I didn’t comment but the thought that went through my head was – How about the ten commandments? They don’t suck. They actually make a lot of sense. Does that make me a Christian or just nice?

I’m going with nice. Christianity sucks (Just my opinion. Don’t get offended. I feel the same about ALL organised religions)

I don’t have any issues with nice. Or respect. Or helping each other. I do have issues with law and order, people with their heads stuck up their bottoms etc. But nice? I can live with that.

Well there I go. I guess. I’m not religious. I’m just nice.

Well probably not. But I do try.



4 thoughts on “Oh man, It’s Sunday

  1. I saw a Snoopy sign that said, “I love mankind, it’s people I can’t stand!” I won’t give up on mankind, but shake my head in exasperation at some people. I am the most “uninformed” person you know. Somehow, I am also happy, peaceful, and have a wonderful life. Go figure. May all your days be Monday, never Sunday. 🙂 hugs, pat

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  2. Maybe spiritual? Maybe more than just the body that houses whoever “you” are. Being kind, compassionate, loving, even nice seems to make life go smoother. It is hard enough as it is without being “mean.” Think I will be nice with you, too. I love Sundays…good day for reflection, freedom from schedules and people running around like nuts, and for turning off TV for a good book. I turned TV off many years ago and never had one since. hugs, pat

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    1. Yeah. I said all that before and a bunch of ‘arse-hole’ scientists telling me why I’m an idiot. (excuse my French). TBH Sundays aren’t that different to any other day but for some reason (God knows why – Ha ha ha) Sundays annoy me. I don’t pretend to understand it myself. TV does suck, I agree, and I couldn’t survive without my books but it is another window on the world and I’m always curious and need to stay informed and educated. Newspapers here are way too opinionated and political and the net is too. So difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. I like to get as much info about everything as I can then make my own mind up. I think that’s cool. But then again I’m incredibly arrogant. *sigh* The world, well people, annoy me. *sigh* It’s not that I’d kill them all (I’m too nice) but I wish a lot of them would wise up a bit. Rant over! Hugs back. It is Sunday. 😉

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