This is not a blog topic I want to dwell on, and this will be it, but just woke up and found another email from momo akosuo ( in my inbox this morning.

Not only is he still trying to convince me to send my bank details etc. so he can ‘share’ my $6.5 millions dollar inheritance with me but he has provided me with an ID card to prove his identity –

Momo Paul.

Well I’m sold!

A gmail email address! – All the banks use those. Must be genuine.

A bank manager wanting to extort half a clients inheritance. Standard Operating Procedure! Everyone knows that.

And look at their Head Office!


Impressive eh?

No need to blog or write any more. I’m a millionaire!

Please be happy for me. (But don’t ask me for money)

I spent it all this morning on lottery scratch cards …


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