You may remember that a week ago I said I was going to try an experiment with tagging to see if I could drive up blog views. You can see the original post and tag list here.

I got the top 20 search words/terms and inserted them into every post I did over the past week. Not exclusively, but I can guarantee I’d never used any of them before.

Well, I did the figures this morning and compared the previous weeks to last weeks. Thursday – Thursday.

40% increase! 🙂

So I did possibly prove my assumption correct. I won’t say definitely because there are too many factors at play.

I might just be writing really good blogs?

Getting more followers?

Taken more baths?

Who knows. Anyway, the experiment is now over. I shall only tag my blogs with relevant words pertaining to the subject matter.

And, of course, try to make them interesting and entertaining as much as possible.

Damn the figures! I don’t need to ‘cheat’ to be popular. 😀


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