I am a GOD!

I must be. I have a follower.

Not a blog follower. A feline one.

Twig-Twog, son of Dolly and Meeka – the historical records get a bit vague after that. One grandmother was called Titch but that’s about all we can be certain of. We certainly don’t get any birthday or Christmas cards for him from any relatives.

Now, Twig-Twog, Twiggers, has always been a bit skittish. Resuscitated after being still-born, big kink in the end of his unusually large tail. Boss-eyed. His nickname used to be Scarper because he would run away at the slightest noise or movement. Particularly afraid of large black things for some reason – bin bags, my coat, my monster slippers.

Not a big fan of petting or being cuddled.

I’ve lived with him for nearly four years. Apart from throwing him the occasional ‘bone’ – read dried cat food, I have never bothered to try and solicit attention. He ignored me and I ignored him. Marriage made in heaven.

Over recent months the dynamic has changed. He’s obsessed. Possessed? I am now the centre of his universe. He sits at my feet all day, staring unblinking at me like a besotted puppy.

What did I do to deserve such attention? I haven’t treated him or given him any special attention. I didn’t stop beating him because I never beat him in the first place.

There’s only one answer. He gives adoration yet receives nothing in return.

I must be a god…



6 thoughts on “I am a GOD!

  1. Other than the eternal affection of cats, what are some of the other perks of being a god. (What’s the pay like? Do you like your hours? Does your desk come with a swivel chair?) I’ve never thought much about it as a career path up to now, but it might be something to think about for the future.

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