You should have read this when I first posted it. Motherfuckers…


What’s shocking to you? Poor customer service, a restaurant sold out of your favorite dish? Maybe dust in your hotel room?

A fellow writer asked me yesterday what was ‘better’ in terms of a story-line. A step-father abusing his step-daughter or a father abusing his daughter?

Well, that’s easy. A father of course.

Ewww! That’s disgusting. How could you say that? Why would anyone want to write about that?

Because it’s shocking and disgusting of course. People love that.

Do they? Yes, they do. Maybe sad, but definitely true.Some of the worlds greatest author’s (and not so great) have used the topic of incest. – Shakespeare, Sophocles, Ovid, Daniel Defoe to name but a few – see here for The Observer’s ‘Top Ten’.

It’s not just incest of course. Extreme violence is also a firm favorite, even just the implication of it makes for a great read –

Gary: I…

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