Civilisation can sometimes suck.


Because in our attempts to be ‘civilised’ we actually create situations that work against each other and cause, rather than prevent, harm.


A police officer will and can, by law, restrain someone that could or may cause harm to themselves or others.

Fair enough.

But because they are not medically trained they may unwittingly cause a situation that will result in the restrained person dying or suffering unnecessarily.

So what? They probably deserved it. Else why were they restrained and arrested?

It’s a given that ignorance of the law is no defence. So, why then is lack of information or respect of a person’s medical condition justification for manslaughter or sadism?

Well. They have a uniform.

Oh yeah. That’s ok then.


11 thoughts on “Rules of Conduct.

      1. Agreed. But everything basically depends on when you were born. Laws are a pretty small thing. Maybe some of us are made to break the laws and show the ignorance and what true morality is to people?

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      2. Now? – So rude 😉 – I would have to agree with that statement, but only because social conditioning, parental and peer influence causes it. The concept of being a ‘free spirit’ is almost unattainable because of the world we live in. Unless you are actually a sociopath. It’s very frustrating.

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      3. Too much Honesty is always close to rudeness 😉 – Oh yes. Its just an illusion we chase. There is always something in this world to tie you down. But Maybe being a free spirit has more to do about how we think than how we live. Sociopaths are kinda chained down with their thoughts. Not exactly the freedom we chase. It is very sad if you think of it .

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      4. It is very sad. What we do (blogging) is one of the ways we have available to escape the dictates of ‘acceptable’ behaviour and thank the deity of your choice (not that you have to have one) for free speech. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a society that permits it. It keeps me reasonably sane anyway. But, being honest, I sometimes would like to be sociopathic because then it would give me justification to wreak havoc on the world. But I have a moral side and that won’t let me. Again, very frustrating. But also, a good thing.

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      5. Your right. Blogging or in my case writing is what keeps us sane. Oh yes! Trust me when i read history and see what conditions people survived under, I feel like saluting them. Out of curiosity how do you think this world would be without the society looking over us? If not just one or two people but the majority didn’t care about what others thought? – Sometimes i am a havoc wreaking people maybe not for the world as a whole but for my tiny world. Writing ( or whatever people do ) does give the things inside some kinda satisfaction. Haha you are like me somehow. I kinda curse my moral side but then it is good to have one. Or i would destroy too much xD Luckily its pretty strong though. Anyways i think we just think to much over things and should listen to that faithful gut of ours more.!

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      6. Oooh. Interesting question. My psychologist would probably suggest that I would feel bad because I most likely have a need for ‘containment’. But me personally would probably feel both bad and good because I could do whatever the hell I liked then get told off by my girlfriend later.

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      7. There is always the guilt yeah. Need for containment? Personally i feel
        Free or like a sec then the guilt hits. Hahaha atleast you have someone to drill some sense in you haha


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