I had a comment the other day suggesting that trousers for snails might be a good idea.

I commented back that I had scoured eBay but couldn’t find any single-legged trousers…

Made me think about clothes for animals/pets.


Well. I don’t know. Things make me think. Sometimes.

I do think constantly. It’s actually very tiring.

But why do we put clothes on animals? Does it make make them more human? Are our pets nicer than most of the people we know?

(N.B. I could go on and on about anthropomorphism here – but I shan’t. Twig-Twog, the cat, is distracting me asking if a new pair of jeans are making him look fat. P.S. The answer is yes.)

But do the pets appreciate it?

Perhaps. Maybe that’s the definition of unconditional love?

They’ll let us dress them in ridiculous things and still love us.

So. Question….

Cocktail dresses for goldfish. Niche in the market I should take advantage of?

I shall email Vivienne Westwood…


5 thoughts on “Trousers for snails…

  1. Perhaps a coco channel bag for a panda….or plaid…although the the black and white is quite stunning by itself…I do adore a dog in a tutu…although I think mine would have my head if I tried…perhaps I shall leave it to bunny ears…

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