As regular readers will know, I have often mentioned a variety of animals/pets.

Frogs, snails, the ubiquitous cats, dogs and oh yeah, snails. Again. I like snails.

And garlic.

Today it’s snakes.

Why Carl! – WHY?

Cos you might find it funny…

Now I used to have a flat-mate *name withheld* who had a snake called Grubby. Don’t ask me why. But it did shit on my bed a few times so it wasn’t an inappropriate name IMHO.

What type of snake was it?

Can’t remember. A yellow one.

Great fun. Ate live mice. Not horrible, just nature. But really quite interesting to watch. I can’t say I’m a 100% certain but I’m pretty sure they don’t last long on a vegetarian diet.

Anyway. *Name Withheld* used to take Grubby down the pub with us. Bit like a scarf.

Best chat-up lines ever…

Would you like to hold my snake?

Would you like to stroke my snake?

Touch my snake? It won’t bite. (But it could possibly crap on you)

I used to keep green water-dragons. Didn’t work quite as well.

But out of fairness.

They never crapped in my bed.

(I put them in my flat-mates room for that)


9 thoughts on “Today it’s snakes…

  1. Had an iguana named Draco (name not with held) and he ate mangos and green leafy things, would climb up on the couch with me and crap down my back….only me, no one else….laundry bill was atrocious as was vet bill to save him…a specialty creature according to the vet 400 and he still croaked (not to be confused with frog sounds).🐉

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      1. You do know I’m forever going to think of you as Selma and Jub-Jub now don’t you? 😉 – Selma Bouvier is one of Marge Simpson’s elder twin sisters – she has a pet iguana named Jub-Jub…

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      2. Okay, I can live with that….but my voice is only raspy today as I have a cold….no more reptiles…..only two dogs and a cat these days….once I move to Florida, I am sure I will have the wild variety….ick….


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