What is it with jogging all of a sudden?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of exercise. It’s good for the body and mind and it’s about time a lot of people did more physical activity and ate less pies.

I’m not a jogger, I can’t run for a number of reasons but I can swim and do other sports/training. (I don’t do a lot mind you but the important thing is that I can and intend to do more)

BUT! – Bloody joggers!

They’re a menace.

My biggest bugbear used to be people, especially kids, cycling on the pavement. Rude, illegal and dangerous.

But the joggers have overtaken them (Sometimes literally)

They’ve propagated like rabbits! They are bloody everywhere!

And apparently the sidewalks now belong solely to them.

They run past, brush you aside, don’t say sorry, expect you to get out of their way and splatter you with droplets of sweat. All totally oblivious because they’re in the ‘zone’. Listening to their bloody iPods and checking their heart rate on their bloody iWatches.

They’re a blooming nuisance.

I wish they’d jog off.


5 thoughts on “Jog on…

  1. Ha ha, yep, I’ve learned to lead with the shoulder as they pass that way when they slam into me they go away with a lesson in momentum… or fall on their arse… either way they leave with a bit more respect for the personal space of those on the trails.

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