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A friend posted on FaceBook today about how difficult it is to write a menacing scene without slipping into cliche…

I commented and wrote this. I thought it was quite good and had nothing else to say today so I thought I’d repeat it here…

Try to imagine diluted hydrochloric acid being dropped on to your head, one tiny drop each hour. You smell and hear your hair sizzle. Then you feel the itch and burn as it eats through your scalp and nerve endings. Then when you feel nothing, all you can hear is the faint sizzle as it melts through your skull and into your brain. Slowly dissolving your memories and soul…. Then pick up your pen.

Feeling inspired? 😀

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My brain hurts…

I’m writing today. My current work in progress is a sci-fi/thriller/comedy with touches of violence, political statement and a dead dog.

Ok. Sounds interesting. Why is your brain hurting?

I’m having to educate myself in advanced theoretical physics and quantum mechanics.

Why don’t you ask this guy for help?

Sheldon Cooper.png

He’s too busy playing Words With Friends against Stephen Hawking.


Exactly. And he’d probably call me an idiot.

Why not ask this guy?


Because he’s dead. You’re not helping.

Well I support you in your endeavour.

Also not helping.

How about eating some fish? You know, omega three and all that.

How about you… Oh forget it. My brain hurts too much.

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Mother of God…

“Mother of God”

Have absolutely no idea why this popped into my head but seriously, where did this come from?

I did some googling and apparently Roman Catholics understand it as meaning Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

Other religions/denominations – not a lot.


Where are you going with this Carl?

I have no idea. Can God have a mother?

Of course. Everyone has a mother!

AAaaarrrgggghhhh! This is going to go all chicken/egg isn’t it?



You should just have faith.

Faith in what? That God MUST have a mother yet God is the creator of EVERYTHING therefore He created his own mother?


That’s not helping.

That’s why you need faith.

No. What I need right now is an aspirin….


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An update on my ‘follower’

Well. After a completely sleepless night, thanks to my delightful neighbors, I’m at a loss what to write about today. So I thought I’d give you an update on my acolyte, Twig-Twog, and his continued search for divine enlightenment.

Wouldn’t you rather vent and describe the many ways in which you’d like to murder your neighbors?

Well. I would but I shan’t. I shall rise above it and talk about Twiggers instead.

I thought he annoyed you?

Well, he does. But like they say – “The better of two evils”

Twig-Twog is still obsessed with me. His messiah. But he has adopted new (slightly creepy) tactics.

Rather than sitting at my knee, gazing adoringly at me from one static position.


He now has a new strategy.

What does he do now?

Good question. He now attempts to set my mind more at rest. He still adopts the same position but farther away.

Well that’s better isn’t it? You said his close proximity was disturbing your writing.

You’d think. But it’s a ruse. A bluff. When I look away he quickly edges closer then adopts exactly the same posture. Stealth tactics. He thinks I won’t notice as he moves in for the ‘kill’.

N.B. ‘Kill’ in this sense means me capitulating to his silent (yet fervent) demands and picking him up and giving him a ‘stroke’ or ‘cuddle’. The cat equivalent of me waving a white flag and signing a detrimental peace treaty and demands for reparations.

Aw. That’s cute!

No it isn’t. Ever see that Dr Who episode with the moving angel statues that only crept up on you when you weren’t looking? It won several awards and was called Blink. The aliens were called Weeping Angels.

weeping angel

Ah. I can see why you’re a bit freaked…

Too right. Anyone want a ‘cat’ for Christmas? He’s very cute.



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Why. So. Serious?

Are you a writer? Fiction? Poetry? Blogs? Music/Lyrics?

Do you suffer from ‘Writer’s Block?’

Yes. Definitely. I hate it.

Why? Why do you hate it? Is it because you feel you should be writing because you’re a writer?

Well of course.

But aren’t you also a person? With family maybe? A job? Ever get ill?

Well of course.

So what’s the problem? No one can write ALL the time.

I know that. But I’m a writer. It defines me.

Is an Astronaut not an Astronaut when he/she isn’t in space?

Of course not.

Is a fireman not a fireman when he/she isn’t rescuing someone?

Of course not.

So are you not still a writer when you’re not writing?

Hmmm. I see your point.

Good. 😀

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Giant Virgin Births

Don’t get worried. This is actually a book review. 😉

The Sound of the Stones is a book. Hang on, that didn’t start well. The Sound of the Stones is Beth Hammond’s first adult novel. Hang on, that didn’t sound right either, it’s not erotica. It’s actually billed as a Young Adult Fantasy.

Billing this book as YA Fantasy doesn’t do this book justice in my opinion. In fact it actually put me off reading it at all. However I bit the bullet and got stuck in and very quickly found that, much like quicksand, it sucked me in and refused to let go.

It’s a tale of two worlds, our own, and another earth-like world. Except this other world is one where humans are subjugated by an unpleasant, trans-dimensional alien species who impregnate human females via their dreams and use the hybrid off-spring to control and dominate the human slaves. So there’s one weird ingredient already. Virgin births!

And there’s Giants. And humans with special powers. And a mission. And family. And unlikely friends. And monsters. Even giant worms. Oh yeah. A love story too.

But what makes TSOTS special for me is the voice and the humor. There’s no olde worlde mediaeval speech in this fantasy (Thankfully). The dialogue is modern and laced with in-jokes and even a little innuendo. I found myself chuckling at regular intervals as well as getting excited, worried for and caring about the characters. I started liking the ‘good’ guys and hating the bad ones. Just what a good story-teller should achieve.

As it is book one of a trilogy the story obviously has a long way to go. Because of this I do have one small criticism. The book starts in our world and introduces ‘Frankie’, an orphan with a love of books who encounters a strange character in a bookshop that is shutting down and discovers an ancient tome that will prove key to the story and provide the connection between the two worlds at a later date. Then the story shifts to the alternate world and stays there right until the end when we finally get reintroduced to Frankie. This annoyed me. But it’s actually a back-handed criticism. The reason I found it annoying is that just when I was getting engaged with the Frankie storyline I was transported to the alternate reality and Frankie didn’t make another appearance until the final chapter. At which point I’d pretty much forgotten about her. And now will have to wait for book two. 😦

Still, in summary, I would recommend this book for pretty much all age groups. It’s funny without being a farce. It’s thrilling and exciting without having to resort to gore and violence for the kicks. And it’s engaging and you do actually want to know what happens next and where it’s going to go. What more could you ask for?

You can buy it here (Amazon).

And here. (Barnes and Noble)


The Robin

Bird betrayal. You can’t trust anyone these days…


The gentle hum a Robin told
Sets it’s wings for halls of gold
Empty, faithless, doesn’t know where to fly

A Raven landed by the tree
Said come little birdie and follow me
You can’t, we can. We’ll set out for the sky

So up, up, up those little birds flew
Spreading their wings to heights of blue
Racing, chasing into those mashed potato clouds

But a storm started rumbling as they went
The Robin she fearfully went to panicking yet
Hey you, say you, Raven did you hear those sounds?

No no my sweet it’s your imagination
We’re okay as long as we stay away from them
Don’t worry dear little bird, we’re not so far away now

The thunder grew louder, the wind picked up
Little Robins heart made a wild thump thump
Flapping terrified she wanted to go back to the ground

As the rain started swirling…

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