This is for Laurie Wetzel – An American or possibly Australian author friend (Nobody’s entirely sure where’s she from or where she lives…)

You’re a bit snarky

I’m what? I don’t even know what that means.

You know. Witty and quick.

That’s snarky? My girlfriend told me it’s premature.

You know what I mean. Hopefully.

I’ll tell her. “Don’t be disappointed honey, I’m just a bit snarky tonight.”

You’re in a group of ten hunting for a fictional beast?

Only if that “beast” is the orgasm you’re always complaining that you’ve never encountered. Are you suggesting that I find nine friends to help me find it for you?

Well that might do the job.

It’s a ‘job’ now? What do I get paid?

Minimum wage. And it’s your turn to do the washing up.

Brilliant. I’m going to party like it’s Nineteen Ninety Ni… Zzzzzz.


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