I have no idea why this thought popped into my head but it’s bugging me.

Now, my upstairs neighbors swear a LOT. Sadly, especially at their children. Obviously totally inappropriate.

I’ve always had a bit of a potty mouth but now I’m older and write a lot I realised how much I was doing it and how much more creative I could be with my language. I now try to keep it to a minimum. I sometimes even apologise.

“Excuse my French!” – Bit insulting to the French but out of fairness I used to say “Excuse my ‘effing French!”

Anyway. The thing that’s bugging me that I suspect almost everyone will swear at one time or another because of anger or frustration or simply to let off steam or for the pleasure of being ‘naughty’.

So where do people who absolutely must not be heard swearing do it? Examples of people who shouldn’t swear in public being priests, parents, doctors, teachers, judges and of course politicians.

The toilet?

The golf course?

Into their pillow at night?

I’m sure they swear in their heads all the time but the satisfaction of verbalizing those words at some point or another must be impossible to resist.

Perhaps that’s why avalanches occur. It’s Tibetan monks having a good old rant in the mountains when they think they’re alone?


3 thoughts on “Where do priests do it?

  1. I seldom use swear words, I just never got into the habit. I quit swearing all together when my first two kids were dropped in my lap and now that most of them are grown I still find little use for swear words. I think some folks just never develop the habit so it’s not a big deal?

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    1. That’s cool. I was just making the suggestion that everyone gets upset at some point and for a large percentage of the population many use expletives as a form of release. Obviously exercise or meditation are healthier but in the modern world swearing is unfortunately an easier alternative. And that method I was pondering whether the supposedly more ‘virtuous’ use it too and if so where? 😀

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