What you on about now Carl?

This is my first ever book review!

Really? What’s the book?

Hmmmm. That’s easy. It’s called The Machine and it’s by a friend of mine – E.C. Jarvis.

What’s the genre?

Got me there. My best shot would be that it’s a steampunk, semi-erotic thriller/mystery with lots of violence, torture, depravity, murder, pirates and a cat.

A cat?

Yes. A cat.

Does the cat have a large part?

Larger than you’d think.

I’m intrigued.

You should be. It’s a fast paced book with lots of twists and turns. The characters are deep yet not over-explained and there are always questions raised which keep you thinking yet she doesn’t leave you dangling for the answers. In that way it’s a very satisfying read. You do get satisfied within just the right amount of time to not leave you so frustrated you lose interest.

Is there a hero?

Yes. She’s a heroine actually. A very diverse character. Part flakey, part superstar.

Is there a baddie?

Loads. And they are nasty. REALLY nasty. So nasty you burn with a need to see them punished and destroyed.

Do they get their comeuppance?

Not telling.

Finally. On a serious note. This does get my recommendation as a good read. It’s part one of a trilogy but just like His Dark Materials it can be read in isolation. The writing is that good.

So I won’t regret reading it?

I didn’t. And I’m not that easy to please. 😉

Sow where can I buy this masterpiece?

Here and here – Enjoy…

And find out more about the author here



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