So glad I saw this piece. Had totally forgotten just how good this film is. Will have to dust off the VCR and head down to the shed to regurgitate it…

Rare Horror


It has been far too long since I watched this gem. And though I am not a Lovecraft fan (get over it) I decided I’d better revisit it and share my thoughts. You just never know who out there hasn’t witnessed the awesomeness of Jeffrey Combs and David Gale in this gorgeous piece of camp.

Re-Animator is about a bizarre young medical student, Herbert West (Combs), who has arrived at the Miskatonic Medical School in Arkham, Massachusetts. The former apprentice to a Dr. Gruber in Germany, West brings with him some unusual ideas about brain death and tissue regeneration. Though he clashes with the prominent brain research professor, Dr. Hill (Gale), West is able to convince fellow med student, Dan, to assist him in his bizarre experiments involving reanimation of the dead.

Though Dan’s girlfriend, Megan (daughter of the school Dean, no less), can just tell West’s elevator doesn’t go…

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