This is a submission for a 100 word story challenge from Zipsrid.


Why is my phone wearing a shoe?

Andy was struggling to look at the screen through the red haze. I must have drunk WAY too much last night. He’d been at Mitch’s stag do. Mitch was getting hitched on Saturday. That had been the standing joke of the night. Albeit a really bad one. Andy tried to blink away the sticky sleep from his eyes. He peered closer at the phone that seemed to be constantly ringing and buzzing. More Facebook notifications? Go away!

That can’t be right? His mobile phone appeared to have metamorphosed into a shoe. His shoe. And it had his sock in it. The green socks with yellow diamonds he’d been wearing last night. And the sock wasn’t empty. It had a foot in it. His foot. Raggedly severed with bone protruding from the stump. Andy screamed and dropped the revolting object. It fell up and thudded loudly on the ceiling of his car.


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