Dear oh dear. The blogosphere is a bit, dare I say it, ‘lame’ today.

Why’s that?

Bad jokes (mostly Xmas related), pictures of dead trees bizarrely festooned with highly flammable plastic tack AND really sentimental poetry.

Well, it’s nearly Christmas isn’t it!

Yeah. Are you going to tell me how many sleeps are left?

16! How come you didn’t know that?

Ummm, I dunno. Maybe because I don’t care?

You can’t say that! You’re such a Grinch.

Well how many sleeps until Ramadan? Or Diwali? Or Easter Sunday? Or the next General Election? Or the removal of troops from Afghanistan? Or your next birthday?

You’ll have to give me a minute on that…



3 thoughts on “Not a bad joke….

    1. At least that’s honest Tina. Counting ‘sleeps’ is fine for people that know they’re actually going to get some. Some of us don’t get that luxury. Makes us better writers though so every cloud… 😉

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      1. Indeed, every cloud etc… hmmm silver lined clouds… I can only imagine what constant exposure to moisture waiting to be rain does to that silver… it’s likely all greenish and slimy… see what happens when I try to think before my cuppa tea is history?

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