What do you mean it’s time for a snail you maniac?

Well. Two reasons. A) I haven’t blogged for ages, and B) I learn’t yesterday that someone I know has a phobia about snails and I’m mean…

That is mean. So what are you going to say about snails?

Good question. I used to live in a part of North London that had a very ‘ethnic’ high street. Outside some shops you used to see baskets full of African Land Snails. Now these guys are HUGE! I mean really, really big. And fast.


OK. That part was a lie. But they are enormous. And quite the delicacy I’m led to believe.

Boy. Can you buy huge garlic to go with them?

I doubt it. But you could always just buy lots of garlic instead.

So you would you need a special fork to eat them with?

Yes. But I believe it’s called a trident.

That would make sense. So how do you cook them?

I have no idea. I never managed to catch one. They’re not as fast as I said earlier but they are slippery customers…

land snail


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