OMG! Don’t say you’re stopping blogging?

You should be so lucky…

So what do you mean then?

I was referring to 2015. Won’t be missing you. (With a Douglas Adams reference)


But 2015 was the year I started eating fish!

So all that Omega 3 is what’s made you so creative, funny and inspirational then?

Naturally. I think. Not completely convinced some of it may have been fictional or artificially introduced for the sake of marketing purposes.

So you’ve not fallen for all the ‘sleight of hand’ seen this year then?

Not completely. But that doesn’t mean I shall stop campaigning against all those things that may or may not actually exist….

That’s good to hear.

It is! Or isn’t it? I’m going to look into the future and ask some people I know in Australia…. 😉

And just so you know I haven’t completely lost my twisted sense of humor. This wedding stretched limo was parked outside earlier…

Wedding Limo

And because it was bright – this was the number plate….


Now this may just be me… But doesn’t that mean “Before Swinging”? 😀


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