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Do me a favor?(Favour if spelt correctly)

Blooming Yanks. Always taking U away and changing S to Z…. Pfffttt…

Anyway, joking aside. Writers are a very nice bunch of people and a great community (generally) and I would like to ask a favour. (See how I spelt that wright?)  😉

A friend of mine has had HUGE problems with her publishing house and decided to go it alone (Self-publish). She’s using a thing called Thunderclap to help promote and need just 14 more people to support her latest dirty book (Sorry, erotica) to get it moving.

Any of you care enough to click on a button? You know I’ll always be there for you too.

While I’m here I have to tell you about our new Facebook group. The Writing Artists Troop. (T.W.A.T.) for short. It’s lewd, rude and loads of fun. Not all nicey-nicey like lot a lot of writing groups. It’s a great place to vent. Only thing not allowed is your basic bigotry – Racism, Sexism, Disability etc. etc. Come check us out.


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Can’t share…

Why cant you share?

Because some people are dumb-asses and don’t know brilliant tech guys like me and their web-sites are poorly configured.


It’s annoying. I wanted to reblog this but can’t so I’m only able to put the link below. It’s still worth reading though. Pffftttt….

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Writing is sometimes ****

Being a creative writer can be extremely stressful. Although there’s an awful lot of peer support there is also an awful lot of peer pressure.

And a lot of writing groups and sites are sometimes ‘over’ moderated and very ‘politically correct’.

You’re right! But what can you do? Where can you vent, bitch, complain etc about other authors, publishers, reviewers and all the people that drag you down?

Aah. I’m glad you asked.

Why’s that?

We created a group where you can say what you like. Bigotry excepted it’s no-holds barred, gloves off stuff. It’s self-moderating so if you’re expecting to create a fight you will most probably get one. It’s also extremely funny. Bad language encouraged. Lewdness encouraged. Speaking your mind – encouraged.

Brilliant! Where can I find this awesome group?

Facebook – Search for The Writing Artists Troop – T.W.A.T for short. Closed group – just send a request. Just remember – You have been warned. 😉

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And I thought I was lazy…

You are lazy! You told us that before. A lot. Especially for someone who purportedly is lazy.

True. But at least I can get off my arse and go buy a few fresh ingredients from a shop. And I can open a cook-book if necessary or Google how to cook something if I don’t already know how.

But we’re busy! What’s your issue?

Well. We’re being inundated with ads from companies who will deliver special boxes of ingredients plus recipe sheets for how to cook these amazing meals. Because we’re all apparently ‘too busy’ to be able to complete these simple tasks ourselves. Plus all the take-away services.

Well that’s a good thing isn’t it?

NO! It’s just bloody lazy! How come if everyone is so ‘busy’ the world isn’t a better place ? Why can  we can no longer shop and cook for ourselves? What the hell are you doing that’s so important that you can no longer function to look after a basic need like feeding yourself and your family?

But we’re all busy being productive!

You’re all too busy posting on bloody Facebook. I’m surprised you even find time to go to the toilet. You’ll be paying someone to do that for you next…

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Fundamentally boring…

Oh no. What’s boring you now?

Fundamental Islamic radicalism.

Why’s it boring? It’s occupying all the media and commentary these days.

Exactly. It’s become dull. Ooh ,someone blew themselves up. Ooh, police foiled a plot. Ooh, someone thought it was a good idea to run at armed police with a meat cleaver. Ooh, Someone taught their 5 year old to say something he didn’t even understand. YAWN! Zzzzzz….

It’s boring. And that’s why it’s never going to succeed. It’s a bit like all the promotion for PIP reimbursement in the UK. We all get sick of it. The phone calls. The junk mail. The TV ads. You develop a blind spot. You ignore it. You take the piss out of it. You basically stop caring.

But people are dying! They’re trying to destroy the world!

Blah, blah, blah. It’s not a great marketing technique. It’s not cool. Oxfam and Children In Need and the WWF have been trying to get people to care for way longer and all the poverty still exists and children still starve and species of protected animals are still dying. Over-exposure. They’re trying too hard. People get sick of it.

That’s a very dark, pessimistic view!

I wouldn’t disagree. But that doesn’t change my view. Terrorists are BORING! I’d rather watch a repeat of Friends. At least that’s amusing.


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I’m a writer. Not a bloody accountant.

What on earth are you talking about now?

I’m fed up. As an aspiring author I am a member of several writing sites/Facebook groups etc etc.

So? What’s that got to do with numbers?

Well. Everyone seems obsessed with word count. How many words do you plan to write today? Oooh, I’m so pleased. I wrote 15,000,000 words today. It’s such a rush. Etc etc.

Well. Isn’t it nice that people are happy with aiming to achieve things and are pleased when they reach their goals?

No. It’s bloody annoying. Writing is art. How many artists do you hear saying they’re going to paint ten pieces today? How many musicians tell you their goal for the day is to compose an album? It’s daft. I’d rather write one good sentence than 2000 words of crap.

Ummm. You may have a point.

Shut up. I’m trying to write….