Oh no. What’s boring you now?

Fundamental Islamic radicalism.

Why’s it boring? It’s occupying all the media and commentary these days.

Exactly. It’s become dull. Ooh ,someone blew themselves up. Ooh, police foiled a plot. Ooh, someone thought it was a good idea to run at armed police with a meat cleaver. Ooh, Someone taught their 5 year old to say something he didn’t even understand. YAWN! Zzzzzz….

It’s boring. And that’s why it’s never going to succeed. It’s a bit like all the promotion for PIP reimbursement in the UK. We all get sick of it. The phone calls. The junk mail. The TV ads. You develop a blind spot. You ignore it. You take the piss out of it. You basically stop caring.

But people are dying! They’re trying to destroy the world!

Blah, blah, blah. It’s not a great marketing technique. It’s not cool. Oxfam and Children In Need and the WWF have been trying to get people to care for way longer and all the poverty still exists and children still starve and species of protected animals are still dying. Over-exposure. They’re trying too hard. People get sick of it.

That’s a very dark, pessimistic view!

I wouldn’t disagree. But that doesn’t change my view. Terrorists are BORING! I’d rather watch a repeat of Friends. At least that’s amusing.



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