You are lazy! You told us that before. A lot. Especially for someone who purportedly is lazy.

True. But at least I can get off my arse and go buy a few fresh ingredients from a shop. And I can open a cook-book if necessary or Google how to cook something if I don’t already know how.

But we’re busy! What’s your issue?

Well. We’re being inundated with ads from companies who will deliver special boxes of ingredients plus recipe sheets for how to cook these amazing meals. Because we’re all apparently ‘too busy’ to be able to complete these simple tasks ourselves. Plus all the take-away services.

Well that’s a good thing isn’t it?

NO! It’s just bloody lazy! How come if everyone is so ‘busy’ the world isn’t a better place ? Why can  we can no longer shop and cook for ourselves? What the hell are you doing that’s so important that you can no longer function to look after a basic need like feeding yourself and your family?

But we’re all busy being productive!

You’re all too busy posting on bloody Facebook. I’m surprised you even find time to go to the toilet. You’ll be paying someone to do that for you next…


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