Being a creative writer can be extremely stressful. Although there’s an awful lot of peer support there is also an awful lot of peer pressure.

And a lot of writing groups and sites are sometimes ‘over’ moderated and very ‘politically correct’.

You’re right! But what can you do? Where can you vent, bitch, complain etc about other authors, publishers, reviewers and all the people that drag you down?

Aah. I’m glad you asked.

Why’s that?

We created a group where you can say what you like. Bigotry excepted it’s no-holds barred, gloves off stuff. It’s self-moderating so if you’re expecting to create a fight you will most probably get one. It’s also extremely funny. Bad language encouraged. Lewdness encouraged. Speaking your mind – encouraged.

Brilliant! Where can I find this awesome group?

Facebook – Search for The Writing Artists Troop – T.W.A.T for short. Closed group – just send a request. Just remember – You have been warned. 😉


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