Why cant you share?

Because some people are dumb-asses and don’t know brilliant tech guys like me and their web-sites are poorly configured.


It’s annoying. I wanted to reblog this but can’t so I’m only able to put the link below. It’s still worth reading though. Pffftttt….



2 thoughts on “Can’t share…

  1. Awwwww … Thank you, Carl 🙂

    And, you can flip off wordpress for the problem with sharing. Apparently because I host my wordpress-themed site independently (not via wordpress), they won’t let me add a reblog option. Stingy buggers. If you know of a reliable plugin I can use – pleaseplease, let me know. I’ve only found ONE plugin that will let me add the option, but there’s a 9 page ToS contract attached and scary hoops … Go set wordpress straight! 🙂

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