Blooming Yanks. Always taking U away and changing S to Z…. Pfffttt…

Anyway, joking aside. Writers are a very nice bunch of people and a great community (generally) and I would like to ask a favour. (See how I spelt that wright?)  😉

A friend of mine has had HUGE problems with her publishing house and decided to go it alone (Self-publish). She’s using a thing called Thunderclap to help promote and need just 14 more people to support her latest dirty book (Sorry, erotica) to get it moving.

Any of you care enough to click on a button? You know I’ll always be there for you too.

While I’m here I have to tell you about our new Facebook group. The Writing Artists Troop. (T.W.A.T.) for short. It’s lewd, rude and loads of fun. Not all nicey-nicey like lot a lot of writing groups. It’s a great place to vent. Only thing not allowed is your basic bigotry – Racism, Sexism, Disability etc. etc. Come check us out.



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